See gigantic bubbles, flying toilet paper, hair-raising electricity experiments, levitating beach balls, volunteers on a nail chair, a giant gyroscope, fireballs, colored shadows, a flame equalizer and much more

This great ‘science sampler’ was originally developed as the main stage show for 2008 Australian Science Festival in Canberra as a way of introducing science into the greater community. Perfect for schools that want a professional large stage performance in their school hall, with an added bonus that a show catering up to 240 students at a time is also more economical per student.

Students love this as an end of school term treat or as something to get the kids back into science!

Show Demonstrations

Air vortices Shooting compressed air rings over the class – discussion on pressure
Bernoulli balls Float balls in mid-air, relating curved surfaces to wing design
Colored shadows Color addition vs color subtraction
Fireball Learn about the fire triangle in this highly visual demonstration
Flying toilet paper Demonstration on how the Coanda effect helps planes to fly
Giant gyroscope A student uses a giant gyroscope to spin on a rotating platform
Gigantic bubbles Have a look at surface tension in a different way
Hovercraft Friction is reduced with this purpose built student carrying hovercraft!
Laser sights How are lasers used in atmospheric research?
Mega Hoberman sphere An expanding sphere (1ft to 4ft). Gravity, forces, friction & big bang.
Nail chair How can you sit on a nail chair and be OK? Dispelling magic myths…
Newton color wheel Colour addition experiment for the entire audience.
Persistence of vision How do cartoons work? A hidden message can be revealed in this demo.
Rocket launcher For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…
Skateboard shuffle Pulling and pushing forces are analyzed in this visual demonstration
Slinky Shake A visual representation of sound waves
Sound tube swing The pitch changes as the tubes are swung faster through the air…why?
Van de Graf hair rise Opposite charges attract, like charges, repel… related to a ‘Fun fly stick’ toy


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