You will need:

  • Pipe cleaners 
  • Bubble mix concentrate
  • Bucket 
  • A place where you can get wet!


1. You are going to make a cube with your pipe cleaners. Start by folding 2 pipe cleaners into a square shape and connecting the ends. 

2. Cut another pipe cleaner into 3 parts and get one more pipe cleaner but leave it whole.

3. Take 1 of the 3 pipe cleaner pieces you just made and attach it to the corner of one square. Attach the other end of the pipe cleaner piece to a corner of the second square.  

4. Repeat step 3 with the other 2 pieces of the pipe cleaner. Now 3 of the 4 corners of the squares should be connected.

5. Use one more pipe cleaner to connect the last corners of the squares. Leaving a long bit on one side that will be your handle. 

6. Create your bubble mixture by carefully pouring the bubble mix concentrate down the side of the bucket. Be careful not to make too many bubbles in the bucket.  

7. Dip your pipe cleaner cube into the bubble mixture a few times. Can you see the cube shaped bubble on the inside of your pipe cleaner cube?  

What's Going On?

How could a bubble be shaped like a cube? 

Aren’t bubbles usually a sphere? That’s right! Normally, bubbles are a sphere because of something called surface tension. Surface tension will always try to form bubbles into a sphere as this reduces the surface area. 

But, in this experiment, we were able to create a cube shaped bubble because we trapped the bubble inside of a cube. 

So instead of being able to form into a sphere, the bubbles on the sides of the cube shaped bubble wand pull on the bubble in the middle and force it into a cube shape. 

Do you think you could make bubbles in different shapes? How?

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