You will need:

  • Balloon 
  • Skewer


1. Inflate the balloon, but do not inflate it too much. Tie the balloon closed.

2. Poke the skewer through the darkest, thickest part of the balloon. This is the spot opposite to where the balloon is tied. 

Don’t get discouraged if the balloon pops the first time. Try again 🙂 This could take you a few tries to get it right.  

3. Poke the skewer through the other end of the balloon (near where you tied it) so that the skewer has completely passed through the balloon!

What's Going On?

How can you possibly have skewered a balloon without it popping? 

It must be magic! But, no, it’s science! 

We strategically chose where to pierce the balloon. The top of the balloon has the most elastic tension and then allows the balloon to grip onto the skewer rather than pop. 

If we had tried to poke through the balloon on the side, where the balloon is very stretched and there is very little elastic tension the balloon would have popped. 

Remember this experiment the next time a magician is trying to trick you. Maybe they are just doing a science experiment that you haven’t seen before? 

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