We are experts in making science FUN and MEMORABLE for students of all ages. 

Curriculum-linked science shows and workshops right in your school! Servicing elementary, middle and high schools in Southern California (San Diego, Orange County, Los Angesles) with exciting and interactive STEM programs.

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Learn how the 3 laws of motion apply in real life!

– Grades K-6

Explore the science of heat conduction first hand!

– Grades K-6

The science of toys: forces, light, sound, and magnetism!

– Grades K-2

An awesome science show performance covering a variety of science topics!

– Grades 2-10

Students can see and taste variability testing first hand!

– Grades K-3

Air pressure experiments to learn about weather and flight!

– Grades 3-6

Discover the types of separation techniques in a variety of mixtures!

– Grades 1-3

Hands-on school chemistry workshop all about changes!

– Grades K-6

Explore water’s properties with this hands-on workshop for younger students!

– Grades K-2

We love all things science! And sharing our passion for STEM with students of all ages is what we love to do. Servicing Australia and the US since 2004.

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